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Jul 8 Today's Mood

I am so ready to see a shit-ton of sharks get snatched out the ocean and thrown around the city. And while I’m still a little disappointed Helen Hunt turned down the script, Sharknado is going to be THE movie of the summer

So yeah, it should go without saying that I’m pretty excited about Sharknado which is coming out this week. While the current movie poster/straight-to-DVD cover definitely illustrates the movie’s core concept (sharks in tornadoes), I felt like doing something a little more minimalist and I guess…vintage or retro?

Hopefully I’ll follow this with a more in-depth infographic (Emergency steps in case of a Sharknado?), but that will be after a few viewings. Anways, here it is:

Sharknado Poster

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  1. Herman says:

    i would love, if you made an info graphic about: “how can a sand shark swim in the sand”

  2. stevietat says:

    That movie is next on my list! Let me get back to you on it:)

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