Info-Poster: Sharktopus

Dec 10 Today's Mood

So you’ll note I haven’t called this an infographic, because well…it isn’t really, it’s more of an educational style ‘what not to do’ poster. But in any case, this has been long overdue, and I finally got a chance this week to finish it off.

A couple posts ago I put up a quickie design exercise about the movie Sharktopus, a title which really should require no explanation. A shark/octopus hybrid that was initially designed as a weapon (don’t question it, just go with it) goes out of control and starts on a totally expected killing spree. The movie itself was pretty good, with all the right amounts of gore, camp and bikini girls, but I’m not sure if it quite lived up to my expectations. Not sure exactly what my expectations were going into the movie, but it didn’t have the same magic that other creature feature movies seem to have.

But was it good enough to warrant some design fun? Hells yes! While there wasn’t anything that popped out at me about him defying crazy physics or managing extraordinary physical feats, what struck me was the number of different ways he killed people. Nobody was safe, which is what started an idea for activities to avoid while a Sharktopus is in the area.

As per usual, click on the image for a larger version. While this will be my last design post of the year, hopefully I’ll get to doing a year end wrap up before 2010 is out. Enjoy!

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  1. IanCC says:

    I love the colours and parchment paper style choices. Very cool.

  2. Alex says:

    I just love this infographics you do! I’m passionate about monster movies too and there are some crackers out at the moment. Have you heard about ‘Piranhaconda’ thats on the way. You shoudl do some infographics for ‘2010 Moby Dick’ and ‘Megashark Vs Crocosaurus’ or ‘Dinocroc vs supergator’. Anyway, love what you do! x

  3. Blair Stephens says:

    I think this one may be my favorite EVER.

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