Using Copyrighted Music on YouTube

YouTube Content ID System

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for watching videos and listening to music on the Internet. For content creators, video bloggers, streamers and authors, YouTube offers loyal conditions, the ability to monetize channel traffic and earn money by viewing their content.

At the same time, the platform has strict rules and regulations to comply with the interests of the authors. The service is especially serious about the commercial use of other people’s works, illegal content and traffic monetization especially after the publication of the EU Directive, an attempt to stop copyright infringement at the highest level.

YouTube began to punish bloggers who use songs with copyright because a huge number of complaints from copyright holders began to come. YouTube strictly prohibits the use of other people’s content, otherwise, it may impose sanctions, disconnect a user from monetization, or block the video.

YouTube Content ID System

How can you check whether you are entitled to use music or other content?

  • The services of a copyright specialist or a lawyer

Contact a specialist to check whether the rights of third parties are being violated. You may not have enough knowledge and experience to carry out a comprehensive analysis by yourself. Of course, contacting a lawyer every time you want to share a fun video with animals is inexpedient, but for serious projects, legal support can be of great help. A competent specialist will tell you what content you can use or resolve possible conflicts.

  • Third party services

Today, there are many programs for determining music based on data analysis. However, such services won’t give a 100% result, and their databases depend solely on the compilers who do not bear any responsibility.

  • Built-in YouTube Content ID System

YouTube has developed a good mechanism that allows you to determine the copyright content. All content uploaded to the channel is automatically checked, and the system gives the corresponding answer according to the matches found. For example, if you uploaded an original video clip that contains someone else’s music, YouTube will indicate the author, title of the song, and copyright holder. Even if the verification does not reveal any coincidences, but the author discovered a violation of his rights, he can at any time contact the administration of the channel with a corresponding complaint.

YouTube Content ID System

Legal Way to Use Copyrighted Music on YouTube

However, you can legally use the copyrighted music:

  • Find services or programs that modify songs and promise that YouTube will not recognize them as copyrighted music.
  • Conclude an agreement with the copyright owner.
  • Ask the author for permission to allow you to use the track for free.
  • Use the music with a Creative Commons license. It has certain limitations, but it can be used with the link to the author. Just make sure that it has such a license before downloading content.

How to get permission from a copyright owner?

  • Determine whether you need a permit.
  • Contact the owner and identify the rights you need.
  • Agree on payment, royalty or other remuneration paid to the owner.
  • Conclude the permission or license agreement in writing.

Copyright Claim. What should I do?

How to check whether there is a copyright claim on your video? Go to the “Video Manager” where you’ll see the entire list of your videos. If there is a copyright © icon next to your content, then you have violated copyright. In this case, there are two options. Your video may be displayed with ads. The copyright holder may authorize you to use the video, but the video must be with ads, i.e. the copyright holder monetizes this video. If you agree to these terms and get permission from the owner, nothing else should be done. Otherwise, you can appeal against the claim. If you don’t take any measures, YouTube may remove the video or the sound from the video, and you’ll get a corresponding warning.

Use “Copyright-Free” Music for YouTube Video

Many composers record their tracks and publish them on the Internet without registering the copyright. There are lots of paid and free websites where you can find copyright-free music.

To Sum Up

Most copyright owners prefer to monetize videos with their music rather than delete them. If the ads are shown on your videos, the owner will make extra profit, and your content won’t be deleted. In any case, always check your videos to avoid any conflict situations.