Oct 4 Today's Mood

At long last, something new.

So let’s not beat around the bush. The movie Dinoshark was pretty lacklustre. Barely passable CG and not nearly enough camp, it was a bit of a chore to get through, despite the relatively high body count. (Mostly contributed to when it crashes a local waterpolo match). What I did enjoy however, was how Dinoshark was released into the wild by the simple act of an iceberg cracking apart. That set a Dinoshark egg free, which hatched, matured in 2 minutes, and went on to kill tons of people and wreck general havoc.

This got me thinking. Those icebergs up in the North Pole seem to be holding in a lot of scary shit. I mean, they were responsible for also keeping Mega Shark and Giant Octopus in check before being busted open. And that’s not to even touch on all of Godzilla’s friends and foes that seem to get trapped up there. Now THAT’S a real scary consequence of global warming and melting polar ice caps.

Taking that one idea, I felt it appropriate to do a more environmentally focussed poster, specifically on the problems facing our oceans. Something where I could use some real facts alongside my more fantastical ones. What struck me while researching some of these stats was how many of these issues have really taken a backseat to the overall ‘green’ and ‘anti-global warming’ movement that permeates our mass consciousness. Things like chemical run-off, shark finning, the depletion of coral reefs and fish stocks, are to be honest, much more immediate problems we should be talking about. The fact alone that fish populations have dropped 90% over the past 50 years should be scaring the SHIT out of everyone. So while as usual, this infographic is meant for some good humour, I hope people can take a little bit of learning away from it.

And so with that rant over, check it out below, and click to get the full sized version for all the fun details. As for the style, I was in a dark, kinda minimalist-messy-photocopied mood this time. Something that looks like you’d get a bunch of toner on your hands if you touched it.

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  1. Shahed says:

    Hilarious and insightful as always.

  2. Chris Severn says:

    Steve .. You have no contact information on your blog. Please email me c h r i s at p i c k a x e g r o u p . c o m .. I would like to talk with you about your posters/info graphics.

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